Access Control Technologies Made Easy

Actme specializes in integrating scheduling and cardholder data into your access control system.

Do you have scheduling and cardholder data you need synchronized?

No problem.

ActmeIO is an add on web client that interfaces directly with your access control system.

Building Scheduling

Interface unlock / lock schedules with reliability and accuracy.

Cardholder Groups

Add and remove people to and from cardholder groups and ensure they have the access they need when they need it.

Active ID Population

Synchronize your set of site wide active ID's to ensure valid ID's only have access.


Access event and cardholder group reporting available.


Use the ActmeIO web client to manage building scheduling and cardholder data.

Door Status

Monitor the real time status of your access control doors via ActmeIO.

We're here to help

Actme helps you spend less time managing requests for your access control system by providing a secure and reliable interface for access control non-professionals and system administrators.